Recharge Your Life!

Practical workshop to boost mind and body for women

Sunday 23rd April 2017 10:15 – 1:30pm
Club Jasmins, 202 Upper Tooting Rd, London SW17 7TG

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Do you ever feel stuck, frustrated and irritated a lot of the time? Maybe you’re not sure what step to take next? Are you busy all day but not any closer to where you want to be in life? 

Do you lack confidence or feel overwhelmed? Are you having frequent “low energy” days?

Have you lost your identity? 

If any of the above rings a bell, then join us for this half day interactive seminar and recharge yourself!

We will take you on a journey to explore the following:

Why success is an up and down journey

How to build confidence both inside and out
The power of mindset
How to claim your identity
What is the best environment for you to thrive within
Which careers you are best suited to
Why some people annoy you
How to modify your behaviour for best advantage
How and why your behaviour directly links to your personal health
How to create your own success path
How to develop good self care routines
Motivation – where can I get some?

The day will include lectures, individual and group coaching activities, discussions, handouts and powerful tips and strategies to give your mind and body a boost!

Amazing value packed into one workshop.

Includes an array of healthy refreshments provided by Iman Abdullaah 

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The Speakers

Elaine Godley, MBA, O.A.Dip (Psychology),FRSA

“I am a business psychologist, health mentor and entrepreneur
with over 40 years’ of strategic, operational and consulting
experience across a wide breadth of industry sectors, charities and the public sector.
An expert in the DISC model of behavioural profiling, I have supported thousands
of students, parents, business owners, employees, individuals,
teams and senior management to be the best they can become in their career,
life direction and health. Being a 4-time cancer survivor,
I know a thing or two about health and wellbeing.
Gaining balance is the key but first you must understand

Here’s what others say about Elaine:

” Elaine is a true inspiration! Her frank manner is both endearing and motivating. She has a wealth of experience to learn from and her giving spirit has truly inspired me. Her battle in overcoming the health challenges she’s faced is remarkable and her positive outlook is infectious” – H.A 

“Thank you again Elaine Godley for yet another 1-2-1 today. You give your time so generously to those who need not only your business mentoring skills but also your friendship too. You are tireless in your desire to help those who do not have the experience in business that you have gained throughout the years and I am most grateful”        – Annabel Cyzba

 “After our chat a few months back i took your advice and started with some “clean living” I’ve been having vitamin supplements, magnesium and vitamin d for a few months and eating non processed food. I can honestly say i feel 200% better than i did. So a huge thank you for your help” – Client

“It was a relief to have a more in depth understanding of my strengths and how I could use them to best effect. This has increased my confidence” – Frieda

“I found the whole day extremely stimulating. It enabled me to clarify my thinking on a number of issues”                  – Head Teacher

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Hafsah Adham, Confidence Coach
BSc, Registered Life Coach, Certified Master Coach, Certified DISC profiler

Hafsah is a confidence coach, public speaker, author, community worker, entrepreneur and mum of 3 with an explicable ability to help others find the best in themselves. She has been working with women across the globe to find their inner confidence and take action towards their ideal life. With a great understanding of how challenging it can be to break through difficulties and fears, she works with women to continue on the path of self awareness, progress and gratitude. Hafsah is the founder of The Confident Muslimah coaching practice and author of “The 7 Step Formula For Breakthrough Confidence”; a guide to help women tap into their unknown reserves. She’s most passionate about helping women see the best in themselves.

Here’s what others say about Hafsah:

” I absolutely loved my sessions with Hafsah, because first of all I felt well understood when I talked to her. Hafsah was not judgmental, but same time she would spot my trouble areas and address them and would give simple yet very effective tips to improve them. She showed me different ways to look at the  situation I was in, what really improved my general wellbeing, and by using Hafsah’s simple tips and advice I could improve my workability. Hafsah is a brilliant coach” – Natasha

” I found the workshop very beneficial and learned so much. It has sparked my enthusiam, I would like to hear more!” – workshop attendee

” Great content! wish the session was longer” – workshop attendee

” The workshop allowed me to reflect upon and analyse my situation and how to best address them” – workshop attendee

“I can’t thank you enough for an awesome presentation at our first event ‘Grow with Confidence’ in London, on January 14, 2017. Your presentation on the power of thought and developing true confidence, was educational, reflective and delivered in an engaging way. The workshop was packed with great content that was very useful to our user group and provided a set of tools and strategies that can be easily implemented in daily situations.You had a great presence and ability to deliver your message in an interactive manner that held the interest and attention of the audience. Alhamdulillah, the audience was nodding and participating throughout the day.” – Aminah, Replenish

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Iman Abdullah the founder of ABC LTD is one of the UK’s top Sleep Consultants and has worked professionally worldwide. Iman offers nutritional and healthcare advice in addition to an array of other services. As an active advocate for promoting a healthier diet, Iman runs workshops and demonstrations on healthy meal preparations and health care planning. She has over 30 years of childcare experience, is the author of “Cheap Sleep” (the all you need to know guide on getting a good nights sleep) and has been a guest speaker at many baby events. Iman has built a successful career through her extensive knowledge, different approach and her ability to quickly identify problems early on.

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