FGC-arrow“Hafsah has been coaching me for a short while now and I have enjoyed the process and seeing significant positive changes in my life.

We had initially planned to focus the coaching on my career development. As we started the sessions, we soon realised that I recently had some big changes in my life and I hadn’t caught up with the momentum of it all. Hafsah identified how overwhelmed I was and we decided to focus our sessions on my personal development instead. This was fine by me, as at this stage this was more important and secondly it would benefit me more when I move on to my career development stage.

Hafsah has a very professional manner, she is excellent as what she does. She is brilliant in the whole coaching process from being an approachable, understanding listener to explaining psychological concepts and providing practical suggestions and solutions. All in a kind and friendly environment.

Thank you Hafsah very much for you all your coaching advice and time, it’s definitely made positive impact on my life” E. Sheikh


“At first I was quite sceptical of counselling and had never heard of Life Coaching. Also, having gone through several shocks, deep upsets and huge let downs in my life, I thought I was at the very least doing just fine and carried on justifying my explosive temper. However, after just three sessions, Hafsah was able to peel back so many layers beneath my smile and get to the real me who was actually quite a broken, hurt and scared woman. After each session I left stronger, prouder and valued myself, my opinion and my skills so much more. Sessions changed the atmosphere in my home and allowed me to finally stop living to meet other peoples expectations but to just be me! I now enjoy my children so much more because I can just let myself let go of schedules sometimes and just enjoy life! I’m not afraid to try and fail anymore…” S. D


FGC-arrow“My experience of Life Coaching with Hafsah  has been extremely useful and beneficial to me. Hafsah offered a tailored Life Coaching service to suit my needs. We worked within a calm and peaceful environment which helped me relax and talk about my needs, challenges and targets for change.

It involved weekly meet ups and discussing targets set from the previous weeks. I could decide which targets were a priority to work on and how to best tackle these targets based on my lifestyle, my situation and my needs. All discussions were completely confidential.

I would not hesitate in recommending Hafsah  for your life changing needs. It’s your life it’s up to you to make the change!” Barbera


“Hafsah’s positive attitude reduces previously big problems into smaller less scary challenges. She has a fantastic array of coaching tools that are so effective that what seems impossible is transformed into a concrete goal. Highly recommended, she changed my whole mindset.” M.A